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Life Style and Advice Column

I have been with my girlfriend for three years. I am 27, and she is 26. We are taking steps toward marriage, but financial issues keep me on the fence when it comes to proposing.

My girlfriend had substantial debt before we met and is not financially responsible. Her expectation of being a stay-at-home mom means her debt will become my responsibility once we get married. I have never paid or offered to pay her debt, but I do not want to go into our next phase of life worrying about paying her debt.

I have tried to have conversations with her. She either accuses me of calling her a gold digger or counters that debt should not be a reason to not propose if I love her.

What are your thoughts?
– Uncertain in Concord

Couple Fitness Monthly Series

Ken and I used to think working out together meant arriving at the gym at the same time. Kissing at the door and going our separate way for two hours. 

Couple Run Friday was created in 2019.  Ken decided to start running with me on Fridays to make up for our lack of quality time together. We had no idea how much that one day a week would change our lives!

Couple fitness has elevated our relationship and given us a deeper understanding of each other.

Click in monthly and discover how you and your partner can get your Couple Fitness started!

Goes Live April 2022



September 3rd

Interviews with the Professionals
In this series we will be sitting down with professionals to get their advice on most commonly asked questions on marriage, family and fitness

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