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The old saying, “I didn’t have a manual when I became…” Is a pretty hard sell considering a quick internet search or Barnes and Noble visit will bombard you with every, “How to” book under the sun. It seems like everyone has an opinion on how to be a better “you,” and every subcategory that goes along with it; wife, husband, mom, dad, kid, pet owner, cook, you get the idea. So why with all this available self help did I decide to launch Lean In With The Kings? My goal is to reach the “you” like me that are looking for a platform that deals with everyday issues of marriage, family, fitness while trying to hold onto their individual growth. Creating a platform that shares experiences, advice while offering support, a shoulder and an ear is my passion and now its finally coming to life. Thank you for joining me on the journey.

 Lean In With The Kings and together let us vibrate higher

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Twenty One's Gold

2022 is here and although twenty-two waltz its hopeful eyes through my door, I am still gathering the gold of twenty-one. I can still see...

Apologizing To My Children

What does apologizing to your children look like and mean to you? In my past apologizing, wasn't something that I said verbally. It was...

Are You Mad at Me

I could have never included hospice in anything to do with taking care of my mother-in-law. Heck, I wouldn't even include the...

How Long Has It Been

Let me start by saying, "It's been a while." My only excuse being these past months have left me little time to gather my thoughts and...

Proactive Love Work

A complacent phase in your marriage is where intimate relationships go to die, where lovers become roommates, silence festers resentment....

Sacred Space

Alarm promptly beeped at 4:30am instead of jumping up to my typical Monday beat my left-hand rest on my chest. Right rubs the spot where...